Data Model

The data model of OREGAMI shall be designed to absorb any kind of data around computer and video games there is. This includes people, companies, press, and books.


The basic data model for games consists of the three objects Game (G), Release Group (RG) and Release (R), which relate to each other as follows:

G ----(1->n)----> RG ----(m->n)----> R


Please refer to the page Explanation for more information how the page UML Model shall be read.

The page UML Model is where we craft and visualize our data model.

The page UML Connections is where m-n-relationships between two objects are modeled.

The page Comments consists of comments and further reading regarding several aspects of the data model.

When you spot a field in the UML Model coming from a data list, the page Data Lists holds the possible contents of it.


Have fun thinking through this complex work!