User Management

This document lists all the requirements for the topic "User Management".


Registration process

  • visit URL for register as a new user
  • enter all required fields and submit registration form
  • server sends an email to the given adress with confirmation link
  • user opens URL from mail and thereby validates the new account
  • from now on the user can log in with his user name and password


Details about the registration form

  • Username (must not exist)
  • E-Mail adress (double)
  • password (double)


User Profile in detail

  • Avatar picture
  • User gravatar? (
  • URL of homepage
  • Signature for comments



  • lost password page: enter username and/or mail adress, server sends mail to adress with confirmation link.
    On the confirmation site, the user can enter a new password (twice)
  • login site: enter username and password. Checkbox with "remember me".
  • logout link on every page.